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Healthcare sector and disabled people accomodation.

  • Length: 2.59 m
  • Width: 1.83 m
  • Accessible bathroom pods with wheelchair


  • Installation with or without recess (step entrance compliance with regulation requirements )
  • Bathroom in composite materials.
  • Glass fibre-reinforced resin “G. R. P.”
  • Interior surface: sanitary quality gelcoat
  • Colour to choose from shade card
  • Embossed non-slip floor.
  • Fire-retardant resin M2/F2
  • Entirely fitted out: door, door frame, taps, clothes hooks, mirror, moulded soap-dish, shower curtain, towel holder, basin, toilet roll holder, handgrips, wall-hung toilet pan with cover, concealed 3/6 litre flush fitted cistern, washbasin/shower valves etc.


  • Additional hand grips
  • Power outlet with flap cover
  • Bedpan wash
  • Presence detector
  • Storage recess
  • Resilient floor
  • Can be delivered assembled or pre-assembled.
  • Ready to take any type of interior cladding (plasterboard, wood etc.).
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